SamizdApp – Collaborators Wanted
The digital public square has been privatized to the detriment of all. In exchange for the convenience afforded by large centralized platforms, we have surrendered our ability to speak and associate freely.
Our information feeds are manipulated to maximize engagement. Dissenting voices are silenced in capitulation to the mob, the state, or both. Consensus is demanded, conflict is rewarded, and the contradiction drives us mad. Instead of a civilization of the mind, we find ourselves in a tower of Babel, increasingly unable to communicate, let alone collaborate. Yet collaborate we must, if we are to have a hope of addressing the challenges of this century.
It's time to construct a new medium: a new digital public square, constructed deliberately to render the right to communication inviolable.

If this challenge excites you, please consider joining us. We are currently looking for technologists and designers who can provide feedback on our early design proposals and be our earliest adopters. In the long term, we will be looking for additional support from the wider community.

If you're interested in collaborating, please fill out this form and we'll get in touch shortly to set up a call with you.

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